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Now that I’ve started teaching regularly… wait, let me back up. In the several moons since I last updated this page, I’ve gone from teaching belly dance to teaching yoga. I love belly dance but I think, for now at least, I’ll get more enjoyment from following a teacher than being one. Yoga has been something different.

With the encouragement (and subtle arm-twisting) of my YTT teacher, I auditioned for a group instructor position at my gym. I joined the sub list in March and have been teaching fairly regularly since then. Once I got past my initial nervousness, or perhaps to help me get past it, I generally accepted every teaching opportunity that came my way. I found that it was somewhat easy to ‘wing it’ when I was teaching only one or two classes a week. But when my ‘just say yes’ philosophy found me signed up for…

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Eat your heart out, dolphins

Eat your heart out, dolphins

palau’s jellyfish lake was once connected to the pacific ocean, but when the sea level dropped its population of jellyfish were left to thrive in the isolation of its algae rich waters. no longer needing to defend themselves from predators, the jellyfish lost their sting, allowing snorkelers to now swim with them. the golden jellyfish will spend the day migrating from one end of the lake to the other, a 400 meter swim, and then heading back.
photos by david kirkland, david doubilet, jody macdonald and chean chong lim

I’m not a meat-eater. Every now and again I re-consider this position. Meat is rather delicious; even after all this time, I do recall that. And I’m not usually bothered when reading about meat preparation methods. But then sometimes along comes a post like this one. This fascinating post about the preparation of a pig’s head terrine reminds me that i am too much wuss for snout to tail eating. And since I do believe that is the most respectful way to be, carnivorously speaking, well that’s a good reminder that I should probably stick to the vegetable side of the fence (with occasional forays to sweeter pastures).

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When I was very young–probably seven–the 1963 version of Lord of the Flies was being played on television one night. It was Christmastime and I was next to my mom and dad on the couch when my dad, flipping through the channels, stumbled across it and stopped. For the next three hours I sat still as stone, horrified, terrified by what I was watching, but too shy to tell my parents. Laying in bed that night trying to sleep, the image of the fly-covered pig’s head, a stake stuck right into its neck, kept going through my tiny stressed-out brain.

It’s not as though I had never seen a pig’s head before. My grandfather (and his father before him) owned and ran a butcher shop in Boston, and I grew up surrounded and un-phased by meat and offal and blood, but there was something about this pig’s head that really…

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

(I would edit or delete this, but it’s kinda cute, and as an initial blog entry, I suppose there are worse options.)